2014 NBA All-Star Weekend: Predicting the Outcome of Every Event

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Predictions For Every NBA All-Star Weekend Event

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NBA All-Star Weekend 2014 is here. New Orleans will host this year's events and fans really couldn't ask for a better location. There will no doubt be lots of fun had during the competitions and on Bourbon Street after the events as well.

The thing that sets NBA All-Star Weekend apart from the rest, is the fact that there are so many events. We don't just say, 'it's time for the NBA ASG.' We say, 'it's time for NBA All-Star Weekend.' Weekend is the key word. It's not just about the actual ASG. That's where other pro sports leagues miss and the NBA hits a home run.

The fun gets underway on Friday night with the Celebrity Game and the Rising Stars Challenge. These events do a great job of getting the ball rolling by putting stars and up-and-coming players on display for the fans to enjoy. The celebrity game really embraces the spirit of AS weekend and it's great to see the future All-Stars on display in the RSC.

Let's be honest -- All-Star Saturday night is the main event of the weekend. What true fan doesn't love the three-point shootout and dunk contest? On top of that, we get the Shooting Stars and Skills Competitions for a little extra entertainment.

Finally, Sunday night rolls around with the actual ASG. You know the weekend is a huge success when the technical main event isn't really the source of all the hype. The ASG is what it is -- an offensive display for the fans.

So who will win all these events? Let's take a look some predictions:

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Celebrity Game

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Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose will coach opposing teams in this year's Celebrity Game. The main storyline to follow is Kevin Hart's quest for a third straight MVP award. I think he'll get it and that Team Simmons will win.

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Rising Stars Challenge

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Here we have two teams made up of rookies and sophomores, which were chosen by Grant Hill and Chris Webber on a live TNT broadcast. Give me Team Hill in this battle of young stars. Why? Damian Lillard will steal the show.

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D-League All-Star Game

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While this event isn't very popular with the fans, it's still a good chance to watch young talent. I'll take the Star Prospects team because of the NBA experience some of the players have. If you're looking for a notable player to watch in this one, check out Steph Curry's brother Seth.

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Shooting Stars

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The Shooting Stars competition is a great way to kick off All-Star Saturday night. Each team features a current NBA star, a legend and a WNBA star. I'll take one of the father-son combos in the event: Steph Curry, Dell Curry and Becky Hammon.

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Skills Challenge

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Damian Lillard will try to defend his crown against seven other competitors in the Skills Challenge. I like his chances against the likes of Reggie Jackson and Goran Dragic.

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Three-Point Shootout

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This year's three-point shootout features a slew of downtown specialists. Kyrie Irving is back to defend his crown, but Steph Curry is hungry for his first ever win in the event. I'll again go with the sharp-shooting point guard, meaning that Curry will get his second win of the night.

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Slam Dunk Contest

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The stars are back this year in the Slam Dunk competition. Paul George is considered the favorite, and that's for good reason. I'll go with George for 'dunker of the night', because you have to remember that the format of the contest has been changed. Two teams of dunkers will compete against each other, with one participant being named the best dunker award by the fans at the end of the night.

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NBA All-Star Game

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You never know what you're going to get from an All-Star game, besides tons of offense. That's one thing you can take to the bank. Based on how superior the West has been this year, I'm going to take them over the East in this year's ASG. Game MVP? Give me Kevin Durant in a preview of things to come (regular season MVP).