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5 Greatest Denver Nuggets To Ever Play In The NBA All-Star Game

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5 Greatest Denver Nuggets To Ever Play In the NBA All-Star Game

Denver Nuggets
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The Denver Nuggets have been one of the best NBA franchises in the last decade, constantly winning 50 games a season, yet the team still has no NBA championships or NBA Finals appearances. Denver's rich history of offensive talent has helped the franchise become one of the flashiest teams in the NBA.

In neither their NBA or ABA seasons, the Nuggets have failed to play for a championship. In the late 1990s to early 2000s, the Nuggets struggled staying relevant until the team drafted Carmelo Anthony. Once Anthony was traded away, the team has hovered around the 50-win mark each season, yet they find a way to not advance to the second round of the playoffs.

In every decade since the 1970s, the Nuggets have had players that have helped the franchise reach their levels of success. In the 70s, it was guys like Dan Issel and David Thompson. In the 80s, Alex English led the Nuggets. In the 90s, Dikembe Mutombo and Antonio McDyess kept the team interesting, and in the 2000s Anthony and Chauncey Billups helped the Nuggets get back to the Western Conference championship series.

Outside of Anthony for a few years, the Nuggets have sent zero players to the NBA All-Star Game in the past three seasons. Long before this, Denver players made All-Star appearances every year with guys like English and Anthony. With a great amount of individual talent, the Nuggets have sent many players to the game, but most of their greats played in the ABA All-Star Game.

The history of the Denver Nuggets is not filled with championship glory. The team has come up just short on many occasions, but their consistency in the past decade is something to cherish for the team's fans.

These are the five greatest Denver Nuggets to ever play in the NBA All-Star Game.

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5. Chauncey Billups

Chauncey Billups
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Billups was a two-time All-Star with the Denver Nuggets in his second stint with the team. With Billups' leadership, the Nuggets reached the Western Conference Finals in 2008-09.

In his two All-Star Games, Billups had 22 points and eight assists.

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4. Dikembe Mutombo

Dikembe Mutombo
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In the early 1990s, the Nuggets became the first No. 8 seed to knock off a No. 1 seed as the Nuggets upset the then Seattle Supersonics. The leader of that team was Dikembe Mutombo.

In Mutombo's three All-Star games, the big center had 20 points, 19 rebounds and four blocks.

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3. Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony
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The Denver Nuggets were in the midst of a major slump before Carmelo Anthony was drafted by the team. When Anthony was there, the Nuggets were annual playoff contenders in the West.

In Anthony's four All-Star games, the high-scoring forward had 73 points and 33 rebounds.

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2. David Thompson

David Thompson
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In Denver, David Thompson constantly averaged 25 points per game and once scored 73 points in a game.

In his four NBA All-Star games, Thompson scored 75 points and had 10 assists.

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1. Alex English

Alex English
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The unquestioned greatest player in Nuggets' history, Alex English is the Nuggets' all-time leading scorer. English was a scoring champion in 1983 and a three-time second team All-NBA selection.

In his eight All-Star Games, English had 73 points and 18 rebounds.

Note: Dan Issel played a majority of his Nuggets career in the ABA, so Issel is not part of this list.