Barack Obama Says LeBron James Can Be “As Good As Anybody”

By Cody Williams
Miami Heat White House Visit
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LeBron James has said in recent weeks that he will be on NBA’s Mount Rushmore when all is said and done, meaning that he’ll be one of the four greatest players to ever play this game. Though some people might call that arrogance on the part of the Miami Heat forward, it’s hardly a far-fetched notion for that to happen when his career is done.

LeBron isn’t the only high-profile figure to think so, either. President of the United States Barack Obama was interviewed by Charles Barkley for a piece that will air before Sunday’s All-Star Game. According to a report from ProBasketballTalk, in the interview Obama says that James “has the chance to be as good as anybody.”

Obama brought up the fact that he’s from Chicago, meaning that he’ll always hold Michael Jordan and the things that he did with the Chicago Bulls in the highest regard. However, he also marveled at LeBron, saying that he’s “never seen somebody that size, that fast, who can jump that high, who is that strong, who has that much basketball savvy all in one package.” Obama also added the fact that LeBron, for how good he’s been, is still only 29 years old and has a large portion of his career still ahead of him.

While Obama didn’t plainly say that LeBron could be the best of all time, he certainly didn’t say that James couldn’t get to that level either. Years down the road when LeBron does retire, his counting stats are going to be among the all-time greats, as are his individual accomplishments and possible his championship rings if he can add to the two that he’s won over the past two seasons. The detractors are always going to find ways to lessen LeBron’s impact on the game, but it’s petty to deny the fact that James is well on his way to landing on Mount Rushmore; just ask the President.

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