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5 Greatest Utah Jazz to Ever Play in the NBA All-Star Game

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Who are the greatest Utah Jazz players to play in an All-Star game?

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The Utah Jazz are having one of their worst seasons in recent memory as the team is currently sitting at 19-33. One could say that Utah is tanking for a higher draft at this point but if you look at the team, there is not much talent with which to consistently win. Fortunately, there should be reinforcements coming once this season comes to a conclusion as the Jazz will likely earn a top-5 draft pick. With such a talented draft this season, Utah should definitely be able to acquire a player who makes an impact.

Utah does not have any players in the All-Star game this season, but have a rising star in Trey Burke. Burke was acquired via trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves last offseason, and he has played some solid basketball thus far. To go along with Burke, Gordon Hayward has played some outstanding basketball as well. Both players seem to have the potential to make an All-Star appearance at some point in their careers.

Even though the Jazz have never won a championship, the team has had some past success by doing what they do best, building through the draft. In fact some of the players on the list were originally drafted by the Jazz. The organization has always had a knack for finding the diamond in the rough when it comes to the NBA draft. Take Paul Millsap for example: he was drafted late in the second round years ago by Utah. Today Millsap is an All-Star playing in his first season for the Atlanta Hawks. Millsap is only one example of a player that the team selected and developed into such a productive player.

Other players that Utah has drafted and developed became some of the greatest players in NBA history. Here are the 5 greatest players that have ever played in an All-Star game for the Jazz.

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5. Deron Williams

NBA All-Star Weekend
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He has two All-Star Appearances with the team.

Before Deron Williams had bad ankles, he was actually one of the top point guards in the league. Williams put up about 20 points and 10 assists in his two All-Star seasons with Utah while also carrying the team to the playoffs. Perhaps if he would have stayed with the Jazz, he could have been ranked higher on this list. However, Williams forced a trade and has since fallen off the ranks for top point guard.

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4. Carlos Boozer

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He has two All-Star Appearances with the team.

Prior to being constantly criticized for being grossly overpaid, Carlos Boozer was one of the top forwards in the NBA. Along with Williams, Boozer helped lead the Jazz to several playoff appearances. He too averaged 20 points but with 10 rebounds. Boozer meant a lot to Utah but he bailed on the team and signed with the Chicago Bulls. In that summer he was one of the most highly coveted free agents.

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3. Adrian Dantley

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He has six All-Star Appearances with the team.

What can be said about Adrian Dantley? To start, he was an absolute beast when it came to scoring. Dantley averaged 30 points per game in almost every season with the Jazz. He was really able to hit his prime while playing in Utah, playing his best basketball of his career. Despite being traded away from the Jazz, Dantley remains one of the team's greatest players of all time.

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2. John Stockton

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He has ten All-Star Appearances with the team.

The all-time assists leader and former Dream Team member, John Stockton, is arguably the greatest pure point guard ever. Stockton spent all 19 seasons of his career with the Jazz and played alongside the No. 1 player on this list. It's difficult to put into words how unbelievable he was as his career averages are 13 points and 10 assists per game. During Stockton's prime he averaged an unheard of 17 points and 14 assists per game.

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1. Karl Malone

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He has 14 All-Star Appearances with the team. 14

One of the top players of all-time, Karl Malone is without a doubt the greatest Utah Jazz player ever. He has the second most points in NBA history and sixth most rebounds in NBA history. Malone played 18 seasons in a Jazz uniform but unfortunately never won a championship even after signing with the Los Angeles Lakers to make a run at one. Either way, Malone has to be considered the best Jazz player just based on his astronomical numbers.