Has Dion Waiters' Rising Stars Performance Saved His Cleveland Cavaliers Career?

By kennethbrown
Derick Hingle- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have rolled with the good and bad with shooting guard Dion Waiters this season, but in which direction will they go with this confusing player? He has evident talent and will no doubt become a top player on the court, but there’s a lot of speculation of his bad temper and harmful actions off the court; and as world knows, no one player is bigger than their team.

The trade deadline is days away, but has Waiters’ latest headline-snatching action saved his Cavaliers career?

There have been suggestions the Cavaliers would trade Waiters within the next week, but then he went toe-to-toe with the talented Tim Hardaway Jr. in the Rising Stars Challenge, and he was sensational. They put on great shooting displays in the second half, with Team Hill winning 142-136. Both youngsters were in sizzling form, and the Cavaliers would now look foolish to trade the seemingly talented asset they possess.

Waiters finished with 31 points on 10-of-13 shooting, but was topped by Hardaway’s 36 points, albeit he was 12-of-23 shooting.

If they decide to trade Waiters, then there’s no doubt that this has increased his value. However, the Cavaliers need to sit him down and attempt to straighten out any off-court issues so that they can get performances like this for their team, and then their future will look brighter than it has in a long, long time.

Will the Cavaliers stand by him, or will they trade him while he’s valued at his highest?

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