Kevin Durant Rightfully Annoyed About LeBron James Comparisons

By Brian Anderson
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA in the palm of his hand at the All-Star break, Kevin Durant has shined brighter than any player has in the league this year. His historic play has opened eyes across the world. With an abundant audience, we would all watch this young superstar blossom into being considered the best overall basketball player on the planet.

With the height of a center and the quickness of a guard, Durant has slashed his opponents en route to grasping a solid lead in the MVP race. Still, no matter where he went and how he moved, Durant could not shake the LeBron James comparisons. The looming question of who is the better teammate annoys Durant to a high extent, according to answers he gave at a recent press conference.

Anyone in favor of Durant just has a year’s worth of work to go on, while “LeBronites” will always have those two Miami Heat championships to back them up. The debate is endless and we will not even have a definite answer until their stories end and the book closes for good. Still, the hype train is at full force. The media and fans will throw more gas on the burning fire as the second half of the season begins.

Durant himself has had enough of the talk. He basically said that they are two separate players with similar goals; meaning it is great competition but no need for constant comparisons. Honestly, we all know it is fun to get into these debates as a fan, but Durant has legit reason to want the talk to seize.

What is clear is that Durant is capable of achieving the same goals as James, including winning multiple championships. As the leader of the league’s best team — the Oklahoma City Thunder — at the break, Durant has proved that his game is limitless and his team is primed to make a strong playoff push as Russell Westbrook gears for a return. Durant deserves to be compared to James or maybe even seen as the top player in the world. He has proven that so that is where the talk stops. We can bring it up as much as we like, but the answer will not change for now.

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