Kevin Durant Says Winning MVP Would Be "Right Up There at Top"

By Dave Daniels
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Small forward Kevin Durant is the clear cut MVP at this point of the year, and so even though it is a bit early to crown him we can still get a feel for what winning the award would mean for him.

“It would mean a lot,” Durant said on Friday. “I mean, you can’t never — MVP in this league — you can’t ever downgrade that. Whoever you are, no matter how many you’ve won, you can’t downgrade MVP. Of course, the ultimate prize is to win the championship. As far as regular-season accolades, I think it’s right up there at the top. It would be cool, but it’s out of my control. The only thing I can control is how I play and everything else out there, that’ll fall in line.”

He has sure fallen into second place in quite a few competitions in the past couple years, so it would be quite deserving if he were finally rewarded for all of his hard work. Settling in to watch the All Star Saturday night, and hope you folks all have somewhere nice to watch the festivities. Charles Barkley has been on form tonight, and have yo say am really looking forward to his interview with the POTUS tomorrow night before the game.

Thanks so much, and stop by tomorrow if you feel so inclined to.

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