The 5 Greatest Brooklyn Nets to Ever Play in the NBA All Star Game

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Brooklyn Nets: 5 Greatest to play in All-Star Game

Brooklyn Nets
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NBA All Star Weekend is finally here. Some players are going to be using this time to rest up for the second half of the season. Many others are going to have a long weekend ahead of them with the many various festivities.

Friday features the Celebrity Game and the Rising Stars Competition. Saturday has the All Star Contests: the Shooting Stars Competition, The Skills Competition, the Three Point Shootout, and the Dunk Contest. Sunday culminates it all with the All Star Game.

This brings us to the historical aspect of the weekend, Sunday’s All Star Game. Many of the league’s legends have made their name by playing in this game quite frequently. The point here is to dig into a team’s history to figure out who the greatest players to ever play in the NBA All Star Game for a certain team are. In order to make the choices, a player must have made the NBA All Star Game while being a member of that team.

This time, we will be looking at the Brooklyn Nets. Up until 2012, the team was called the New Jersey Nets. Before that name change, they were also known as the New York Nets. The organization is very historic as a part of the league’s history. They were one of the four teams that transitioned into the league in the 1976 ABA-NBA merger.

So, here we are. Here are the five greatest Brooklyn Nets players to ever take part in the NBA All Star game as a member of the organization.

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5. Derrick Coleman

Derrick Coleman
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Derrick Coleman's career started with the New Jersey Nets in 1990. Very early on, he was good to average around 18 ppg and 10 rebounds each season. Soon after, his departure from New Jersey, injuries began to derail his career a little bit. While he was a great piece for each of his teams, his first five years with the Nets are most telling of the potential he had to consistently be a great power forward. Most will always remember him for his famous remarks regarding Hall-of-Famer Karl Malone.

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4. Otis Birdsong

Otis Birdsong
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Over his career, Otis Birdsong was a four-time All-Star (once with the Nets). Before joining the team in 1981, he was an efficient, prolific scorer for the Kansas City Kings. Eventually, his numbers with the Nets would begin to rival those of what he had with the Kings. Birdsong would finish his career with an 18 ppg average while consistently shooting over 50 percent from the field.

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3. Vince Carter

Vince Carter
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Call him "Air Canada." Call him "Half Man Half Amazing." Call him "Vinsanity." Vince Carter was a human highlight reel for the better part of a decade since the second he stepped on the court for Toronto. We can all look back at his past footage and marvel at the insane things he was capable of with a basketball. Once he arrived in New Jersey, he helped reinvigorate a team that was in desperate need of some change.

Playing in Toronto made him a star, but playing for the Nets put him on the road towards transitioning into a winner. Carter was selected to three All-Star games as a Net (8 total selections).

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2. Buck Williams

Buck Williams
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Buck Williams is one of the best big men in Nets' history. From the second he stepped on the court as a rookie, he was one the league's best rebounders and an extremely capable scorer. This garnered him three All-Star nods while in New Jersey. He was also a very vital piece in getting them back into playoff contention.

After leaving the team in 1989, he saw a noticeable drop off in production and the Nets also missed the playoffs a couple of years straight. This should speak volumes to how valuable he was to the organization. He now ranks in the top-20 all time rebounders in league history.

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1. Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd
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As of this moment, Jason Kidd will go down as the best point guard in Brooklyn/New Jersey Nets' history. He will also go down as a top five point guard in league history. He has high positions on many career statistical lists. As a Net, he was selected to five of his 10 total All-Star games. He, most certainly, will be in the Hall of Fame very soon.

Currently, he is the head coach for Brooklyn one year after announcing his retirement as a player. So far, his time on the bench hasn't been as fruitful as his time on the court, but he will go as a Net to be remembered.

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Honorable Mentions

Jim Cummins-Getty Images

Julius Erving, Rick Barryand Deron Williams are all honorable mentions.

I haven't lost my mind. Julius Erving and Rick Barry would be at the top of this list every time. Due to the stipulation set that the players listed had to make the NBA All Star Game as a player on the organization, both players don't qualify. Both players were All-Stars for sure, but they were ABA All-Stars when they were on the Nets. By the time the Nets merged into the NBA, Rick Barry had long been gone to another NBA team and Julius Erving had to be traded to Philadelphia to finalize the merger. Because both players were so great, they deserve an honorable mention as the list feels incomplete without them.

Deron Williams also deserves a vote for how good he actually is when healthy. He is one of the tougher point guards to deal with. At one point he could've been considered a top-five point guard in the league, but lately his problem has been being on the court enough to help his team win ball games. He made the All-Star team for New Jersey back in 2012. When he retires, he will more than likely crack into the actual list.

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