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5 Boston Celtics Who Could Be Moved By NBA Trade Deadline

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5 Boston Celtics Who Could Be Traded by Deadline

Boston Celtics Trade Deadline
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The trade deadline is this Thursday, and the Boston Celtics have four days to make a move. The team currently holds the 7th worst record in the NBA. Since Boston is in a rebuilding phase, it will be in the best interest of the team to trade veteran players in order to acquire young players, first-round picks or expiring contracts.

Danny Ainge has already made a couple of significant moves this season. He traded away two decent pieces, Courtney Lee and Jordan Crawford, in order to maintain a steady decline in the standings. So far, the moves have been successful, but there are still deals to be had.

Everyone on the Celtics' roster is expendable at the hands of Danny Ainge. Jared Sullinger may be the only piece that is close to untouchable. However, if the Minnesota Timberwolves offered a guy like Kevin Love for a package involving Jared Sullinger, then yes, get it done. Other than that, Sullinger is worth keeping and should be an excellent player for the Celtics.

Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley are also players worth hanging onto unless the right deals arise. Everyone else on the roster should be moved for just about anything, especially Gerald Wallace. The Celtics should take a bag of balls for Wallace. Sadly, Wallace, because of his huge contract, is the least likely to be traded.

So, let's take a look at which players may be the most likely to be dealt in the next week.

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5. Brandon Bass

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Brandon Bass' contract allows him to be the best candidate to be traded this deadline. He could play a significant role on a competitive team. The question is, how much is he worth?

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4. Jeff Green

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Jeff Green may be able to bring back some decent value because of his talent. He's not the guy for Boston, but he would make a nice third option on a championship-caliber team. Boston should try to shed his contract, but he may be a valuable piece in a future trade.

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3. Kris Humphries

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Humphries has played extremely well and could be that missing piece to the puzzle on a winning team. If Boston can get anything in return, he is worth selling. However, his contract is up after the season, so he's valuable in that aspect.

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2. Avery Bradley

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Avery Bradley is a fan favorite, but his asking price for his next contract may be more than the Celtics are willing to pay him. He could potentially bring back excellent value. If a team offers solid pieces for Bradley's services then this is a deal worth considering.

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1. Rajon Rondo

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I don't think a Rondo trade will happen this year, but if a team offers two first-round picks or a young talent then Ainge should pull the trigger. I have a feeling he won't be dealt until after the season, but shipping Rondo off at the deadline is highly possible.