Boston Celtics Rumors: Asking Price For Rajon Rondo is Two First-Round Picks

By Andrew Fisher
Rajon Rondo
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s NBA trade deadline week, so the rumor mill is churning out gossip at a torrid pace. Rajon Rondo is of course one of the most popular names rumored to be available at Thursday’s deadline, but the asking price for him could be too steep for most teams. According to multiple reports, the Boston Celtics are asking for two first round picks in exchange for their talented PG. In addition, it’s thought that the two picks cannot be protected in anyway and that the Celtics would only pull the trigger on such a deal if the two picks were fairly high up on the board.

Long story short — it’s going to have to be well worth it for the Celtics to give up Rondo. They’re not going to deal him, just to deal him. But from the sounds of it, the club is actually open to the possibility of a trade. Boston would be crazy not to be open to the idea, because there are no guarantees that Rondo will want to stick around long-term.

Is it likely that the All-Star PG will get dealt Thursday? No. It’s going to take one heck of an offer for the Celtics to unload their best player. It’s possible that the team could make some other moves in anticipation for a big offseason, because they have to do something to get better before the end of next season (the final year on Rondo’s deal). If the Celtics aren’t in a position to compete again after the conclusion of 2015, why would Rondo want to stay?

So unless a team really wants the PG’s services for the rest of this season and next, don’t expect a deal to get done by Thursday. It’s possible, just not likely.


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