Evan Turner Refuses to Use Barack Obama Toilet Paper in Spencer Hawes' Bathroom

By Connor Muldowney
Spencer Hawes
Getty Images

The NBA is starting to gain some steam as the 2013-14 regular season is now past the ceremonial halfway point and, with about 30 games left on most teams’ schedules, the season is nearing the home stretch. Teams are starting to position themselves in playoff slots while others are starting to think about next year already. The Philadelphia 76ers are in the latter group of teams, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining.

Sure, they lost two consecutive games last week by 40 points each, but the players are pretty entertaining off the court. If you don’t know what I mean, just check out what Spencer Hawes, the team’s center, uses as his toilet paper:

Sure, this is pretty funny, but the comments on the photo, posted by teammate Evan Turner, are a bit ridiculous and somewhat harsh. While many would look at this as a humorous thing, others look at it as a jab at the president — which it is — and a complete disrespect for Barack Obama.

Hawes is having a solid season with the 76ers, averaging 13.2 points and 8.6 rebounds, but this is something that may anger the fans of Philly — as silly as it is.

One comment even made a remark about Hawes being racist. Not sure how disagreeing with the way a president runs the country can make him a racist, but that’s exactly what this world has come to.

Good thing the 76ers aren’t going to win the NBA title this season because Hawes’ visit to the White House would be pretty awkward.

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