Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Jordan Hill May Be on His Way to Brooklyn

By Joseph Crevier
NBA Trade Deadline
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Rumors have recently been floated around that the Los Angeles Lakers have discussed a trade that would send Jordan Hill to the Brooklyn Nets. As for the Nets, their disabled player exception would be used to absorb Hill’s contract as the team is already way over the salary cap. For the Lakers, this deal does not make much sense. What can Brooklyn possibly be sending back that has any kind of value?

Brooklyn has already traded the majority of their draft picks whether it be in the deal for Joe Johnson or Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Aside from draft picks, the Nets do not have too many assets that are worth taking back. Unless the Lakers can acquire a player such as Andray Blatche, there’s no point to trading Hill, especially to Brooklyn.

Hill has had the absolute best season of his NBA career. He has recorded career-highs in both points and rebounds when given the minutes by coach Mike D’Antoni. At one point in the season, Hill was even playing at an All-Star caliber level, but for some reason D’Antoni heavily cut down his minutes. This was even after he put up 24 points and 17 rebounds against the talented frontcourt of the Detroit Pistons.

The thing that separates Hill from the rest of the bench power forwards in this league is that he grabs offensive rebounds at an astounding rate. Per 36 minutes, he grabs just about five offensive rebounds a game. Assuming this statistic is an accurate reflection of Hill’s statistics if he played 36 minutes, he would be amongst players like Andre Drummond and DeAndre Jordan who lead the league in offensive rebounds.

This should certainly be a wake-up call for the Lakers for even mentioning a trade involving Hill. Even if he is not guaranteed to re-sign after this season, he is without a doubt worth waiting for. The real problem is not Hill’s production but D’Antoni’s questionable lineups.

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