Russell Westbrook Will Likely Return For Thursday's Miami Heat Game

By Dave Daniels
Russell Westbrook
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Small forward Kevin Durant revealed that point guard Russell Westbrook would return for this Thursday’s game recently to Bill Simmons, and the point guard corroborated that statement.

“Just try to get better and then go from there,” Westbrook said. “I just try to focus, keep my blinders on and just do what I have to do and not worry too much about what’s going on around you, but just stay focused on what my responsibilities are.”

Durant has been playing like the MVP of the league since the point guard’s absence, so it will be interesting to see if there is a new dynamic as far as who controls the ball in the fourth quarter. Always loved Westbrook’s tenacity out on the court, but his decision making does not always rise up the same standard and would like to see him mature in that respect. Do not mean to discount his statistical output (which is tremendous), but just think that he can and will do better in the future.

The Thunder look like they are on a fast-track to the number one seed in the conference, and if anyone stands in their way it will probably be themselves. Durant seems to have found a new comfort with his role as a superstar, so here is hoping that Westbrook does not get in the way of that new dynamic.

Two more pro b-ball pieces coming at you, and then we will be hanging it up for the night.

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