Should Fans Worry if the Chicago Bulls Don't Trade For New Talent?

By Tracy Martin
Taj Gibson
Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images

As the All-Star weekend fades away and the NBA season kicks into second gear, attention has come back to the looming trade deadline on Feb. 20. The Chicago Bulls have been one of the most talked about and expected teams to trade for new talent with rumor and speculation stories being written daily. But if the Bulls don’t trade for anyone right now, should fans worry about the team’s future?

The Bulls are, in essence, a talented championship-level team when it comes to coaching and athletic potential, but they are lacking in two important areas: a competent front office that knows how to attract and keep players and a roster that is consistent in its play from game to game.

While gauging the opinion and intent from the front office is always difficult, there is one place that has pretty much already come to a consensus. According to the Chicago fanbase, the team desperately needs new blood if they seek to remain a powerful force in years to come. But wishing for something and receiving it are two different things.

If the Bulls have a clear path towards getting a superstar right now then of course it would be extremely foolish not to pursue it. However, as the Bulls do not really have the salary space to sign someone new, it’s debatable if they will trade for anyone.

While we may have been burned in the past, the best thing fans should do is look forward to the offseason for new signings and trades and just hope the Bulls end the 2013-14 season strong.

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