10 Players Who are Guaranteed to be Dealt at the 2014 NBA Trade Deadline

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10 Players Who Will be Dealt at the 2014 NBA Trade Deadline

NBA Trade Deadline
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The NBA trade deadline is less than 24 hours away. That means basketball fans can expect to see a lot of action occur prior to Thursday afternoon. Several organizations will do their best to improve their roster and give their team the best chance at a successful second-half push to get into the playoffs. Fans and players alike better strap in because the NBA trade deadline is one of the more exciting trade days in all of sports.

The problem with trade rumors is that they can fizzle in the blink of an eye. There are the occurrences when a team is determined to get rid of a player, such as the situation the Brooklyn Nets found themselves with veteran Jason Terry on Wednesday. Then there are the circumstances in which teams would like to move a player, but the right deal simply doesn’t come along. The Nets were determined to rid themselves of Terry’s bad contract at whatever the cost. However, most teams aren’t willing to make such a drastic move, especially with the 2014 NBA Draft looking to have quite the potential.

Speaking of the draft, since there are so many talented collegiate players supposed to be available in June, it has put a unique spin on the trade deadline this year. Typically, teams are willing to trade players for picks or package picks with a player to sweeten a deal. However, the stock of talent that will supposedly be in the draft has forced general managers across the league to hold onto draft picks.

Regardless, I still expect many trades to go down. They might not be splashy and loaded with stars, but certain deals could give teams the necessary edge to make some noise in the postseason. Check out the 10 players who are guaranteed to be traded at the deadline.

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10. Jarrett Jack

Jarrett Jack Trade
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Jarrett Jack has been rumored to be traded for a while now. Even though his suitor, which was supposed to be the Nets, went in a different direction with Terry, I still believe Jack to be dealt. The Cleveland Cavaliers expected much more from the man who shined in the 2013 playoffs. Unfortunately, he hasn’t lived up to those expectations. The Golden State Warriors are one team in particular that might want his services, while the Sacramento Kings has emerged as well.

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9. Gary Neal

Gary Neal Trade
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I can’t imagine this is what Gary Neal expected when he signed with the Milwaukee Bucks in the offseason. Neal has seen his playing time decline in favor of the Bucks giving the youngsters an opportunity to display their potential. The reason for that is because Milwaukee only has 10 wins and clearly gunning for that No. 1 overall draft pick. For that reason, I would be absolutely shocked if Neal wasn’t traded, especially since he desperately wants out. Look for the Charlotte Bobcats to be the team attached to him on Thursday.

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8. Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas Trade
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The Kings have stated they aren’t shopping Isaiah Thomas but they will trade him for the right price. Welcome to the same lingo that pretty much every general manager uses. Any player can be acquired for the right price, that’s what makes the deadline so exciting. The possibility of him departing via free agency in the offseason is all the more reason for Sacramento to try to get something for him now. Not to mention, the fact that he’s having a career year could lead to a big acquisition for the Kings.

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7. Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill Trade
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The Los Angeles Lakers are very interested in trading Jordan Hill, while Cleveland has every reason to make some noise at the deadline. One of the main reasons the Cavaliers want to acquire Hill is because they need talented players who will convince disgruntled point guard Kyrie Irving that Cleveland is the place to be. The Nets are another team rumored to be in on Hill, but I fully expect the Cavaliers to come out on top.

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6. Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol Trade
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Has there been another player who has been involved in more trade rumors over the past couple of years other than Pau Gasol? If you answered no then you’re correct. The Phoenix Suns are still very much involved in the possibility of landing Gasol, although they appear to be having second thoughts. Meanwhile the Bobcats have also shown interest.

Even though it appears to be working against them at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gasol was dealt based on the fact that he will be a free agent at season end. We can sit here all day long and attempt to dissect the bird rights and reasoning for why the Lakers should hang on to him. The reality is the endless trade talks have to lead to something, which is why he will be moved.

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5. Luol Deng

Luol Deng Trade
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Luol Deng was very upset when he was traded to the Cavaliers a few weeks ago. He’s even more upset that Cleveland is basically a joke as the younger players continue to undermine head coach Mike Brown. He has talked about the internal problems of the team, which certainly explains the turmoil in Cleveland. Deng wants out and I would be surprised if the Cavaliers didn’t meet his request, especially since there’s no way he re-signs with them in the offseason. In my opinion, Deng would be a great fit for the Warriors, a team that could certainly use his scoring ability.

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4. Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette Trade
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Jimmer Fredette is another player who has been involved in plenty of trade rumors. Those rumors will most likely come to fruition as countless teams have been linked to the point guard. Fredette is someone who has the ability to play the game the right way, but simply hasn’t been given the best opportunity in Sacramento. There are several teams willing to bank on him being a difference maker when given the right chance to play. The Cavaliers have been rumored, but I would look more towards the Washington Wizards or San Antonio Spurs making a play.

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3. Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes Trade
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It would be quite surprising to see the Warriors trade Harrison Barnes. With that being said, Golden State has discussed the possibility of moving him, which has forced other teams to pay attention. Personally, I believe the Cavaliers should trade Deng to the Warriors for Barnes. It’s a move that would work in the favor of both organizations. Not to mention, Deng would be a better fit than Jack in Golden State, regardless of how well Jack performed in the playoffs last season. The Memphis Grizzlies have also shown interest in acquiring Barnes in a trade.

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2. Brandon Bass

Brandon Bass Trade
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The Boston Celtics are eager to make some moves at the deadline. At this point, it doesn’t appear Rajon Rondo is going anywhere. The fact that the power forward position is very crowded means Brandon Bass is the odd man out and the likely candidate to be dealt. The Celtics would love to add to their collection of draft picks, but the rumor of Gordon Hayward landing in Boston appears to be more likely.

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1. Evan Turner

Evan Turner Trade
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Several players on the Philadelphia 76ers have been rumored to be traded at the deadline since the start of the season. However, there is less than 24 hours to go and no one has been moved. Of the three players that have been rumored to be dealt, Evan Turner is the one who will most likely hit the road. The Bobcats have shown plenty of interest in Turner and have become the frontrunners to land him. At this point, it will come down to if the deal is sweet enough for the 76ers to pull the trigger.