Are Dallas Mavericks A Good Team Like Dirk Nowitzki Suggests?

By Greg Higgins
Dirk Nowitzki
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The quote Dirk Nowitzki gave after the game Tuesday night against the Miami Heat was “We couldn’t score the last four or five minutes, so I guess that separates a good team from a great team.” Dallas held on to an 85-84 lead after three quarters, only to watch LeBron take over in the fourth. Miami outscored the Dallas Mavericks 33-21 en route to an 11-point win.

I don’t think anyone would argue with Dirk’s comments on the Heat being a great team. They are the two-time defending champions and they are hoping to make it to their fourth-straight NBA Finals this year. The real question is whether or not the Mavs are considered a good team like Dirk suggested.

Dallas currently sits no. 8 in the Western Conference. Before you talk about how terrible that is, remember that the top eight teams make it to the playoffs in each conference. Not only that, but you have to remember the conference in which Dallas plays in.

The Memphis Grizzlies are currently in the no. 9 spot in the Western Conference, but they could be the no. 3 seed if they played in the East. That’s right, there are only two teams in the Eastern Conference that are in the top 10 in the entire league — the Indiana Pacers and the Heat. Dallas currently sits in the no. 10 spot in the NBA out of 30 teams. By my calculation, if you’re in the top third of the league, you’re doing pretty good.

Forget the seeding in the conference, Dallas is a good team and they’re proving it more times than not this season.

Greg Higgins is a Dallas Mavericks writer for Rantsports. Follow him on Twitter.

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