Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah Believes He Will Win a Championship With Derrick Rose

By Tracy Martin
Joakim Noah Derrick Rose
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There is nothing more admirable than having faith through trying times, and that is something Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah would never be accused of lacking. Despite the Bulls’ strain of bad luck following star Derrick Rose‘s injury earlier this season, Noah has been successful at keeping his head held up high as he carries the team on his back.

In a recent interview with Chicago Sun-Times, Noah made some optimistic promises concerning a possible title run.

‘‘My ultimate goal is to win a championship,’’ said Noah. ‘‘I believe we’re going to win a championship in Chicago — and I want to win it with Derrick Rose.”

No one has ever questioned Noah’s intentions. He has always been open about his goals to bring the championship home to Chicago. The real question to ask here is will a Noah and Rose led-championship run be possible anymore? Noah and Rose are among the very best at their position, but will they be able to take it to the NBA‘s best and come out victorious?

The answer, of course, is a resounding yes, but it does come with a few stipulations — namely finding an effective remedy that can better prevent Rose from suffering another season-ending injury. On Noah’s side, the 6-foot-11, 232-pound big man has had an impressive year so far, making 11.9 points and 11.5 rebounds per game. His game is as effective as ever, and there’s no disputing that he would be able to go far.

Another important thing to take from this quote is Noah has every intention to stay with the team, dispelling any rumors that he has gotten cold feet in recent years. Noah will remain a fixture on the Bulls for the foreseeable future.

A Noah and Rose led-championship is something that everyone in Chicago can get behind. Now it just needs to properly come together.

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