Chicago Bulls Rumors: Carlos Boozer Will Not Be Amnestied Unless Team Signs Superstar

By Tracy Martin
Carlos Boozer
Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

According to reports, Carlos Boozer is likely to remain on the Chicago Bulls roster despite the speculation that the team was looking to trade or amnesty him this year. The news should come as a shock to those who were expecting his departure from the team following the end of this season. Now Boozer’s exit from the Bulls rests solely upon the team’s ability to sign a superstar this coming offseason.

This revelation may lead some to worry that Chicago is stuck in a repetitive cycle where the same antics concerning Boozer’s contract play out year after year. Despite your opinion on this matter, it is inarguable to claim that this whole Boozer amnesty conversation hasn’t gotten stale by now.

Boozer’s contract has placed the Bulls in an awkward position salary cap-wise since he was signed. Boozer signed a $75 million deal with the Bulls in 2010. If he stays with the team, Chicago will have to pay him $16.8 million in the 2014-15 season. If you were not aware, even if the Bulls did amnesty Boozer, they are still required to pay him his salary. It is only through a trade that Boozer’s salary obligations are completely wiped off the books.

Would keeping Boozer on the team for another year help, or hinder the Bulls? Boozer has been with the team going on four years now. He has built a respectable chemistry with his teammates. Despite a drop in athleticism this season, he still contributes his part to the Bulls’ gameplan. But for some, the negatives of his play and attitude far outweigh the positives. Recently, Boozer has come under fire for his criticism of coach Tom Thibodeau‘s minutes handling, alleging that he should be given more time in the final minutes of games. These comments caused a stir and led some to believe that he was treading on shaky ground.

Boozer’s contract is the only thing right now pinching the Bulls’ bank accounts, and holding them back from pursuing possible free agents and trading opportunities. For the benefit of both the team and Boozer’s future, hopefully something happens this offseason.

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