Cleveland Cavaliers Continue Fantastic Form With Fifth Straight Win

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a season of mixed fortunes and at times seemed like they couldn’t beat a high school team let alone win a competitive game. Yet they seem to have figured out their problems, and since firing general manager Chris Grant, they have won five straight.

Struggling players like Tyler Zeller and Anthony Bennett appear to have grown up and developed into useful basketball players which has led to more victories. At times it felt like superstar Kyrie Irving was expected to lead his team on his own, but now he’s getting help from every area which has unsurprisingly made the Cavaliers a better team, leading to their fifth straight win.

Dion Waiters appears set for one final chance to prove himself as a Cavalier, avoiding any possible trade that was suggested to happen before this week’s deadline. Dion did suffer an injury in their latest win. Many thought it was serious, but it appears it was just some minor pains and he should soon return to continue his developing partnership with Irving.

The Cavaliers will look to make a trade and continue their run of wins. If the team can consistently win like this for the rest of the season, then you could see them sneaking in to the playoffs. It’s been a strange season, but they may just get what they were looking for after all. With a positive end finished with a positive free agency period, the Cavaliers could finally become a threat again.

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