New York Knicks Can't Make Clutch Plays

By Mike Smith
Mike Woodson
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night, the New York Knicks lost to the Memphis Grizzlies,  98-93. It was both teams’ first game back from the All-Star break, and it showed, as both teams were shaky at the beginning but settled in late.

It was the same old story for the Knicks, they had a lead late in the game but they let it get away. Tim Hardaway, Jr. hit a big three-pointer in the final minute of this game, but the next trip down the court, Mike Miller followed with one of his own and that was the dagger that really took the Knicks out of it.

Mike Woodson will find himself in the center of it all again now. When looking for somebody to blame for this game, fans and media are going to start an endless loop of blaming Carmelo Anthony for not making any clutch plays down the stretch, or the rest of the team for not stepping up, that’s when it becomes easiest to put it all on Woodson.

Woodson has been blamed for a lot this year, and not all of it is deserved, but when the team continues to lose close games it has to fall on the coach. Every time this team gets in situations like they were in on Tuesday, they come up short. Memphis is a good team, but this game was eerily similar to their overtime loss last Wednesday to the Sacramento Kings, one of the worst teams in the NBA.

It may be time for a change at the head coaching position for the Knicks. Forget about this year, if they don’t start a turnaround now, what free agent, including Anthony, would want to be a part of this mess?

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