Boston Celtics Must Move Rajon Rondo At NBA Trade Deadline

By Ben Sullivan
Rajon Rondo NBA Trade Deadline
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The Boston Celtics are always rumored to be involved in NBA trade deadline moves. But lately that hasn’t actually turned into any real trades that have shaped their future. This year, much like years past, the rumors are swirling around Rajon Rondo. What makes this year different is that this year the Celtics need to make sure they get some value for him while they still can.

Those rumors swirl because we all know general manager Danny Ainge is not afraid to pull the trigger on a deal, even if it means sending a quality player out of town. So, why does it seem so hard for him to find a deal for Rondo?

Well, if the rumors heard are to be taken as fact, it’s because he’s asking for way too much for him. Rondo is talented, but other teams know that the Celtics aren’t in the best bargaining position right now.

He isn’t the kind of guy you give big money to and try to build a championship team around. He’s a good complementary player on a team with better players, but the only thing having him as your max-deal player gives you is a chance to sneak into the playoffs every year. The Celtics would be better off trading him now, moving on and getting an even better pick in this year’s draft.

Rondo is only under contract through the end of next season, and Boston isn’t going anywhere this year — or next year for that matter. Any team that is trading for him knows there is a chance he’s just a rental for a year and a half and that he might leave them in free agency.

Supposedly Ainge is holding out for multiple first-round picks and at least one quality young player. That would be a king’s ransom for Rondo, and rumors are out there that the Sacramento Kings have already offered them that kind of package and they turned it down.

This is one of those cases where I just don’t understand what’s going on. If the Kings really did offer multiple first-round picks and the Celtics turned it down, it just doesn’t make any sense.

The Celtics need to make sure they get something for Rondo, because he isn’t the kind of guy you build a championship around. After next year he’ll either walk away for nothing or you’ll have to overpay him to keep him in a Boston uniform. Either way you lose out.

The only way for Boston to come out on top of this whole Rajon Rondo situation is to move him sometime today before the trade deadline. After today his value plummets, and so does the chance that the Celtics get any real value out of a guy they don’t need now and shouldn’t try to build around in the future.

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