Danny Granger Will be Star Once Again After Trade to Philadelphia 76ers

By Connor Muldowney
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Although this year’s NBA trade deadline has been relatively quiet in terms of big names being dealt, the Philadelphia 76ers have managed to make a handful of moves, accumulating six second-round draft picks in the upcoming draft and getting rid of Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner. So it looks like they have gotten rid of all talent, right? Wrong. Danny Granger is now a 76er and Philadelphia got an absolute steal.

Sure, the 76ers traded Lavoy Allen and a young Turner for the 30-year-old Granger, but the former star of the Indiana Pacers could see a rebirth of his career with his new squad.

If I were a betting man, I would go as far as to say that Granger will be a star for years to come with the 76ers and that this was a great move by the team. Granger’s contract is set to expire following the season and many teams would likely be willing to pay about $8-$10 million a year for the veteran who now makes $14 million.

Granger can and will be a star again with the 76ers and it took a devastating injury to taint the past two years of his otherwise impressive career.

In fact, Granger averaged close to 35 minutes and over 20 points per game for a four-year stretch during his career before his injury. After the injury, the Pacers had been weary to over-use the small forward, limiting him to about 20 minutes per game — at most — which led to a decrease in every statistical category.

With a young, rebuilding Philadelphia team, Granger should be the leader of the team and he will be a sure-fire starter. If he can get back to the 30-plus minutes per game days he was used to, he can be back to the scoring marks he was used to getting before the Paul George explosion.

Watch out for this guy.

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