Indiana Pacers Are A Perfect Landing Spot For Evan Turner

By Ben Sullivan
Evan Turner Indiana Pacers
Getty Images

When the Philadelphia 76ers made Evan Turner the 2nd overall pick in 2010, they were hoping they had found a future franchise player. They didn’t get what they thought they would, but the Indiana Pacers are getting a player who is the perfect fit for them.

Turner, an aggressive two guard who can play defense and make the mid-range jumper, was tailor made to play in the Pacer’s half court oriented game. And not only are the Pacers getting a player that fits their system, Turner is landing in a spot that is perfect for him and where he is at in his career.

We know that Turner isn’t a franchise cornerstone type guy. You aren’t going to build your team around him, but he is a great addition to an already deep team. He’ll be one of the best players in the league to be coming off the bench, and while that role doesn’t suit some, it is exactly what Turner needs right now.

Being a bench player will take the pressure off a guy that has wilted under the pressure so far in his NBA career. Never possesing the talent to carry a team, he was immediately thrust into that role when he was taken so high in the draft. Now, he gets to just be a part of a team, not the whole team. And, not just any team, but a team that is a true contender to win the title.

If Turner is alright with coming off the bench and just being a complementary player, and hopefully he is, he couldn’t have asked to land in a better place.

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