Indiana Pacers Will Benefit From Trading Danny Granger to Philadelphia 76ers

By RanterX
Getty Images

It took until the last few minutes before the 2014 NBA trade deadline, but we finally got a blockbuster. The long-awaited departure of Danny Granger has come as the Indiana Pacers shipped the 30-year-old small forward to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen. Put simply, the Pacers won this deal.

Turner and Allen not be the big names some expected the Pacers to get in return for Granger, but basically they got a younger small forward with more upside in Turner and a solid young role player in Allen. More importantly, the Pacers got rid of Granger’s expiring contract while giving themselves another year to work out a deal with Turner if they chose to go that route.

Either way, Indiana wins. If they win the title this year, the deal will be a success. If they come up just short again, they’ll have at least one more year with Turner under contract for a win-now approach or they can go long-term and give him an extension if he really pans out before the end of the 2014-15 season. While Granger was one of the best backup small forwards in the league, Paul George is on a different level and Turner will likely fit better within Indiana’s team chemistry. The main thing with this deal is the Pacers solidified their depth for the long-term if they want it to last and fortified their bench for a title run this year and next, which means this deal, while not as sexy as some may have wanted, was a great move by Indiana.

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