Kobe Bryant Unsurprisingly Upset About Steve Blake Trade

By Andrew Fisher
Kobe Bryant
Getty Images

It’s not uncommon for Kobe Bryant to take to Twitter when he’s frustrated. When you think about it, it’s not uncommon for Kobe to vent his frustrations through any media outlet. If he’s unhappy, he’s not shy about letting people know.

That brings us to Bryant’s tweet from Thursday, which of course was trade deadline day in the NBA:

While I completely get the Black Mamba’s frustration from a teammate perspective, I don’t think he’s looking at the big picture. It would have been absolutely crazy for the Los Angeles Lakers to not make a deal at this year’s deadline. The Lakers have no chance at making the postseason and the remainder of 2014 has become all about putting the team in the best possible position for next season. If they didn’t deal an expiring contract at the deadline, it simply would have been puzzling.

Kobe is right about Golden State picking up a gem. Blake should help the young Warriors with the plethora of basketball knowledge he’s picked up over his 11-year career — and he’s still pretty good on the court as well.

For the Lakers it’s now all about gearing up for the future. As much as the loss of Blake will sting for the remainder of the season, it was time for a veteran member of the Lakers to move on. Steve Blake just happened to be that guy.


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