Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: Could Glen Davis Reunite With Doc Rivers?

By Martin Knezevic
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Various reports suggest that the Orlando Magic will buy out the contract of Glen Davis, which would free up ‘Big Baby’ to join a contender. We all remember how well he played for a contender in Boston and speaking of those Boston Celtics, his coach back then was…Doc Rivers. Need I say more?

The Los Angeles Clippers not only passed on adding a big man before Thursday’s trade deadline, they actually lost two — and for nothing. Antawn Jamison is headed to the infirmary known as the Atlanta Hawks, while Byron Mullens will now be impersonating Spencer Hawes for the Philadelphia 76ers.

That leaves (gasp) Ryan Hollins as the Clippers’ only backup for Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. While Davis isn’t a center by height, he definitely resembles one by width.

NBA rosters should try and have contrast at similar positions. The beefy and grounded Baby will fit nicely alongside either DJ or BG. As for the playbook, well that too would be a smooth transition. It wouldn’t be surprise if Glen still knows all of Doc’s plays by heart after so many epic playoff runs in Boston. But wait, there are more benefits …

Chris Paul is a pick-n-roll savant. Just imagine how easily he will carve up defenses with Big Baby’s girth up top as a screen. Tony Parker will have a whole new set of “maladies” after facing that offensive set in the playoffs. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. ‘Shrek’ needs to be wined and dined first.  

It’s time to play the name game out in Los Angeles. One “Glen” (Rivers) deserves another.

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