Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks' Miroslav Raduljica a Trade Target?

By Martin Knezevic
Miroslav Raduljica
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the rumblings in the NBA rumor mill today involve my countryman, Miroslav Raduljica. For those of you who don’t know him, he is a ruggedly wide Serbian bigman who is in his first NBA season. The Milwaukee Bucks have reportedly received a few calls about him from contending teams today. I think one of those should be, and likely is, the Los Angeles Clippers.

Raduljica would give Doc Rivers a physical backup to DeAndre Jordan, something Ryan Hollins pretends to be on a nightly basis. Byron Mullens, too, offers little in the physicality department. He would also be an inexpensive option for the Clippers, much to the chagrin of Chris Broussard (fabricator of the Asik-to-Clippers rumor this week). Milwaukee, while fond of Miroslav, could be coerced into giving him up prior to today’s deadline, but it would likely take a little cash to go along with a second round pick. The Bucks have human pogo-sticks Larry Sanders and John Henson currently on their roster.

John Hammond has been a much maligned general manager in Milwaukee. This move could at least bring him popularity in the Los Angeles area. Who knows, maybe one day a front office position may open up at the Clippers. It’s a who-you-know business. Deals don’t always include strictly the here and now but a bigger picture. Just ask Kevin McHale and Danny Ainge. 

Is Miroslav Raduljica headed to the Bucks. My sources close to him aren’t that close, but I think this is a move the Clippers should make, assuming their small forward efforts have all fallen through.

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