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5 Awesome Things Dwyane Wade’s Charity Has Done for the Community

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5 Awesome Things Dwyane Wade's Charity Has Done For The Community

D Wade
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Everyone knows what a great player Dwyane Wade has been on the court, but few know how many people he's inspired off of it. Wade founded Wade's World Foundation in 2003 after getting drafted by the Miami Heat and he's been making a positive impact on multiple communities ever since.

Mostly, Wade focuses on three distinct communities when establishing initiatives for his foundation. Those communities are inner-city Chicago, Milwaukee and South Florida. This makes sense as Wade grew up in Chicago, played his college ball in Milwaukee as a member of the Marquette Golden Eagles and has now been playing on the Miami Heat for his entire career as a pro.

The foundation has taken great strides in the decade since its inception as Wade has obviously been able to build up a better base of resources from which to draw from. As time has gone on, the programs created and aided by the foundation have grown in magnitude and efficiency. Clearly, Wade's popularity on the basketball court has helped raise awareness for his first-class charity.

Communities touched by the foundation are fortunate enough to share roots with an NBA player that used his fame and fortune to give back to the areas that shaped him into the superstar that he is today. While there are countless positive things that Wade's foundation has done for the community, here are five that are particularly awesome.

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No. 5: Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle Among Youth

D Wade
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In order to promote healthy lifestyles in adolescents, Wade hosts a three-day basketball camp every year that is open to children ages eight to 16. At this camp, he preaches the idea of hard work as well as having a healthy lifestyle. According to the Wade's World Foundation website, physical exams, haircuts and grooming supplies are made available at these foundation events.

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No. 4: Holds Father and Son Mentor Basketball Camp

D Wade
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Wade always emphasizes the importance of a father in a child's life. Since he gained full custody of his two sons, he's put that emphasis into action by hosting a father and son mentor basketball camp every year. Flash hosts the event with his father Dwyane Wade Sr., and both stress the importance of fatherhood, especially in underprivileged youth. This event has only been around for a few years and should gain even more steam in the years ahead.

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No. 3: Holds Seasonal Giving Events for South Florida Charities

D Wade
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Every holiday season, Wade's organization selects other organizations in the South Florida community that have the same goals as his organization and he donates to their cause. By doing this, Wade is helping the community in an even more direct way. One of the best parts of this event is that the three charities that are selected get to go to a Miami Heat game and are presented with their checks at halftime. Beyond just donating to select charities, Wade's World Foundation also likes to select certain underprivileged families to donate to around the holiday season.

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No. 2: Develops Literacy Initiatives Including "The Reading Playoffs"

D Wade
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Wade's foundation has started various initiatives aimed at increasing youth literacy, especially in Chicago's inner-city. To make his various initiatives in Chicago and South Florida more fun for the children, Wade's foundation developed the idea of The Reading Playoffs. Basically, children would be placed in teams of 10 and they would be given five books to read. Each book would have a discussion and the team that showed the most insight would "win." Structured like the NBA playoffs, this program has encouraged reading as a fun activity to youth in Chicago and South Florida.

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No. 1: Initiated "Live To Dream" Campaign

D Wade
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The Live to Dream campaign may be the most effective program developed by Wade's World Foundation. It aims to reward youth in both Chicago and South Florida for community service. Children are encouraged to form teams and create community service projects within their own communities. After completing at least three service projects and reflecting on them to the Foundation, groups in South Florida are eligible to win Miami Heat tickets. In Chicago, the campaign is aimed at providing a safe haven for youth in order to decrease violent crime in the inner-city.