Carmelo Anthony Needs Chicago Bulls Bulls and They Need Him

By Jacob Kornhauser
Carmelo Anthony
Derick E. Hingle

As rumors swirl that superstar Carmelo Anthony could be headed to the Chicago Bulls this offseason, it makes people wonder if he’d be a good fit in Chicago. The first thing that jumps out about the situation is that his style and the team’s clashes. The reason that the Bulls have been so successful even without former MVP Derrick Rose is because of their team-first mentality. Melo, on the other hand, has created the stigma for himself as a me-first player.

While the clash of personalities is a valid concern for Bulls fans, there are a couple of reasons that signing Anthony actually makes perfect sense.

If there is any coach in the league who can whip Anthony into shape over his defense and me-first attitude, it’s Tom Thibodeau. He has been able to rally the troops on numerous occasions over the last two seasons without Rose and has gotten above-average results. Basically, if Anthony is ever going to change his mentality and try to use his talents toward the overall betterment of the team, Thibodeau is going to be the one to make him do it.

Also, if Anthony truly wants to win a championship, Chicago is where he needs to go. Going back to New York to play for the New York Knicks again wouldn’t produce much more than it already has, especially since the Knicks are getting worse, not better. Another rumor that’s been floating around is that he could be headed to the Los Angeles Lakers. Clearly, based on their play this season, the Lakers wouldn’t be a top team in the Western Conference even with future Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant.

The Bulls, however, could be instant title contenders if Anthony decided to take his talents to the Windy City. Currently in contention for the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference, the Bulls would be right up there with the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat in terms of conference powerhouses. They would basically be adding Rose and Anthony to an already solid roster minus a few guys.

To make room for Anthony in terms of cap space, the team would have to amnesty Carlos Boozer‘s contract and would possibly have to trade Taj Gibson. If getting rid of Gibson is required to get a deal done, then, of course, it looks far less appealing.

However, as long as Melo sheds his selfishness at least a little bit, Anthony is exactly what the Bulls need. It has been far too evident in past playoff series that Rose can’t carry the scoring load on his own. The Bulls need another player who can create his own shot and take over a game in the playoffs. Anthony is that player.

Like him or not, Anthony fits the mold of what the Bulls need to win a championship in the near future. Rose has said that he won’t recruit any other stars to play with him in Chicago because he can win with anybody. We’ve seen that’s not true, but it’s a good bet that he could win with Anthony.

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