Cleveland Cavaliers Bring In Spencer Hawes Despite 6-Game Winning Streak

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers could barely win a game not too long, yet they’ve now won an impressive six straight. Although they’ve had a weaker schedule, these are games they would’ve lost a month or so ago. For whatever reason they’ve found form and don’t look like stopping their success any time soon.

With the trade deadline passing perhaps the players are trying to prove a point and show their commitment so there are never rumors of their exits again; or maybe the firing of Chris Grant has spurred them on. They’ve not tasted defeat since making the change of general manager, so it would seem he was holding the players down more than we realized.

The Cavaliers have tried to improve and are believed to have shopped a lot of their players, including some key first-team members, but they traded Earl Clark and some smaller assets to land Spencer Hawes who will provide them with something different at the center position. With six straight wins, a new starting player and a lot of the bad apples removed, the Cavaliers can go from strength to strength here.

If they are to carry this form on then they have a very good chance of grabbing a playoff spot. There’s still a long way to go, but the Cavaliers are in their best form in years. Can it continue or will they find their losing form of old again? One thing’s for sure; the Cavaliers want to win and aren’t afraid of making changes. Something suggests this coming offseason will be the most vital yet.

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