Kevin Durant Is Simply Not Better Than LeBron James

By Steven Carollo
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I am not a fan of LeBron James or the Miami Heat and I will always root for Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder when the play against each other.  However, there is still no doubt in my mind that James still is and will always be better than Durant.

For one, let’s start with the stats for this season. Yes, Durant leads the entire NBA in scoring with 31.46 PPG but LeBron, who plays less fewer minutes and takes fewer shots than Durant, averages 26.78 PPG, just less than five points per game lower. You might think five points is a big difference, but consider the fact that Durant has attempted 1094 field goals this season while LeBron has only attempted 871.

Not only that, but factor in the fact that LeBron has made exactly 500 of his 871 field goals while Durant has just 58 more made field goals in 223 more attempts. LeBron is ranked No. 4 in shooting percentage in the league; as for Durant, he is not even in the top 10.

But shooting efficiency isn’t everything — lets look at assists as well. Durant has 297 while LeBron is ranked 10th in the league with 334. You can say that Durant’s assists are down because Russell Westbrook was hurt all of this time, which is true,  but LeBron has been without Dwyane Wade for most of this season.

If Wade was healthy, LeBron would also have more assists and more points. This is because LeBron and Wade compliment each other on the court beautifully while Westbrook being in the lineup for the Thunder actually hurts Durant’s point total since Westbrook tends to attempt way more shots than a point guard should.

Based on that, I think Durant’s scoring tear will come to a halt and LeBron will end up edging closer and closer to him by year’s end. Even if LeBron does not catch him and Durant finishes with more points, if you look at both players’ careers, LeBron is the one with the better overall stats and has two championships while Durant is still searching for his first.

Both are great players, but please stop with the “Durant is better than LeBron” argument because until Durant wins at least one championship and has played the number of years that LeBron has, any argument for Durant being the better player is just foolish.

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