LeBron James Wins the Night With Postgame Tweet

By Tyler
LeBron James BaneJames
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After LeBron James finished off an emphatic dunk over Serge Ibaka with 5:50 remaining in the fourth quarter, few could have imagined anything could be going wrong for King James. After all his Miami Heat were well on their way to a blowout win of the Oklahoma City Thunder, he had largely quieted Kevin Durant and he had just finished off a dunk that quieted Chesapeake Energy Center.

Unfortunately James’ nose did not agree that all was fine, though, as he saw a pool of blood spill out of it which replays show came courtesy of a Serge Ibaka forearm on his way up to the rim. James would sit on the ground for nearly an entire minute after seeing blood start coming out of his nose, and the entire Heat coaching staff and roster gathered around in what looked like a funeral.  The star player would eventually get up, but he looked a bit woozy and after sitting on the bench for another minute or two was taken into Miami’s locker room.

Of course when fans saw this they went a bit crazy, even if the game was well on its way to being a rout victory for the Heat with a final scoreline of 103-81.  Thankfully, even as rumors abounded that James had a concussion, a broken nose, or something somehow worse than either, the star player had a sense of humor.  He displayed this by sending out a picture on instagram that is sure to have people all over laughing.

This BaneJames tweet is an obvious nod to the latest Batman movie, but it should also be a note to fans that he will be fine after being hit by Ibaka.  Additionally, it is could also be a veiled threat to Durant and the Thunder as a team that you simply can not stop LeBron, although one would think they would have already known that after he just put up 33 points, seven rebounds, four steals and three assists.

Whatever it is, there is no doubting that King James was the clear winner of the night and is still the alpha male in the NBA.

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