Space Jam 2 With LeBron James In Works?

By Andrew Fisher
Space Jam 2

According to a report from Deadline, Space Jam 2 is finally in the works. The sequel that’s been talked about for a long time, is going to happen in the near future. LeBron James has been chosen to star in the film, and let’s face it, there was really no other choice for that role.

James will continue his career-long trend of following in Michael Jordan‘s footsteps, but in this case, I’m sure most people are thrilled.

The original Space Jam is a classic in some regards. Was it a great movie? Heck no. But it stars MJ and Bugs Bunny. When you think about the impact those two have had in popular culture, it really doesn’t get any bigger. Jordan and Bugs are both mega stars.

LeBron is not quite to level of Jordan’s stardom, but that’s a place very few will ever reach. However, after James hits the silver screen alongside the Looney Tunes in a much-anticipated sequel, his star status should definitely rise.

As with any sequel, fans should prepare themselves before the viewing. The odds are the second movie won’t even be close to as good as the first. That’s just the way it is with sequels. LeBron could also be a lousy actor and today’s generation might not care as much about Bugs Bunny as generations in the past did.

But even if this film gets bad reviews, people are still going to flock to see it. It will have too many of the right ingredients not to be a box office success. Ultimately, that’s the only reason this sequel is being made.

**The film is reportedly still in the planning stages and no release date is set at this time. There are also conflicting reports on whether the film will even happen at all.**


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