Video of LeBron James' Bloody Nose Puts Things in Perspective

By RanterX

This might be news to some: LeBron James is human. The man who is a rare physical specimen and has played his entire career without a major injury (or really any injury at all) bled from the nose on Thursday night after taking a forearm to the face by Serge Ibaka. The Miami Heat superstar split the Oklahoma City Thunder defense, ran through a slap on the ball by Russell Westbrook and slammed it home right before taking the shot. The video above doesn’t show a ton of force, but the bloody nose tells the story.

Now from the lack of force on the replay, some have argued that LeBron was just playing it up by laying on the floor, but as Reggie Miller said on the broadcast (the only intelligent thing he’s ever said), LeBron was dazed.

Ibaka is a big dude! His forearm smacking someone on the smeller is likely to leave anyone dazed, but the fact it was the 6-foot-8, 250-pound James really puts thing in perspective.

LeBron left the game after that point and his Heat cruised to a a revenue win over the Thunder to remind the NBA that Miami is still the team to beat. James may be human, but he still made the dunk despite taking the shot to the face. Can’t argue that the dude is legit.


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