Acquisition of Marcus Thornton is Big For Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Lance Iversen-USA Today Sports

Everybody may be talking about the trade deadline deal that the Indiana Pacers pulled off, but the one the Brooklyn Nets made with the Sacramento Kings to acquire shooting guard Marcus Thornton was also one of the bigger transactions made.

As coach Jason Kidd struggled to find consistent playing time for big man Reggie Evans and didn’t receive much production from veteran sharpshooter Jason Terry, it was time for the Nets to move these pieces in favor of either draft picks or a younger piece they could build around.

And in the end the Nets came away with someone who simply knows how to pull the ball in the hole, as Thornton has averaged 13.5 points per game since entering the league back in 2009. With a career percentage of 35.9, the 26-year-old has also established himself as a decent threat from the three-point line. What the Nets lacked in perimeter scoring off the bench, Thornton should be able to immediately fill.

But the bigger picture is why this move can prove to be significant. As far as this year is concerned, Brooklyn doesn’t appear to be pose any danger to either Indiana or the Miami Heat for representing the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. That’s been an opinion shared by many — if not most — since Brook Lopez went down for the season a few months back with a broken foot. But if the Nets can retain Thornton moving past this season, they have themselves a solid, young piece they can be more than confident in building around.

And for the price of two older players that weren’t even regularly contributing, that’s a heck of a deal.

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