Miami Heat Rumors: Champs Interested in Danny Granger

By Shane Phillips
Michael Hickey-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Danny Granger will not be making any long-term plans with the Philadelphia 76ers, or at least that is what the NBA rumor mill has said. Freshly traded to Philly by the Indiana Pacers, Granger has already expressed his non-interest with the team and his wishes to become a free agent now rather than the end of the season.

Can you blame Granger for his demands? The small forward went from being on top of the East to the garbage heap of the league. He went from being the savior of the Pacers’ franchise to a mere after thought. In his mind, why should he waste his talents on a team that has no chance at the playoffs and that he has no interest in re-signing with? With the March 1 waiver/playoff eligibility deadline quickly approaching, a contender will more than likely to pick Granger up.

That contender may just be the Miami Heat. Along with a majority of the Association, the defending champs also had to be a part of the trade deadline festivities, trading away Roger Mason Jr. to the Sacramento Kings. The move opened up a roster spot, which many are assuming will be filled by either Chris Kaman or Charlie Villanueva, However, neither have been waived by their respective teams.

There are no guarantees that Kaman or Villanueva will become available, even though both want their contracts bought out. So, wouldn’t Granger more than suffice? Of course he would! Before he tore his ACL, Granger was a rising star, who helped resurrect a struggling Pacers’ franchise. Only at the age of 30, he averages 17.6 points and 5.1 rebounds for his career.

The biggest problem Erik Spoelstra and the Heat would face is finding enough playing time in an already overloaded rotation. I think that Granger would be great to replace Shane Battier, who’s shooting touch has faded. Granger is bigger, faster and stronger, so Miami would give up less than they do when Battier starts.

Right now, we have to sit and wait for Granger to be officially bought out by the 76ers, but it looks like it is inevitable. Once he is bought out, I’m sure Pat Riley will take a swing at him. Plus, wouldn’t Granger want to sign with the Heat and shove it in his old team’s face? Sure, he would have to take less money, but to beat the Pacers and possibly win a championship would really be a thorn in the side of Indiana. Granger is going to be a free agent very soon. It is just a question of whether he chooses the money or the title.

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