Chicago Bulls' Poor Offense Cost Them A Likely Victory Against Miami Heat

By Tracy Martin
Joakim Noah
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Today’s game between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat had the makeup of being a nail-biter, but as fate would have it, it went a different route than expected. What could have been an exciting game turned into a defensive war on the court, as offensive woes afflicted both teams. Both Chicago and Miami barely scored above 50 points until well into the third quarter, where a late third-quarter surge propelled the Heat above Chicago. The Bulls were unable to catch up, losing 79-93.

The big news heading into this game was the absence of Heat star player LeBron James not playing due to a broken nose he suffered in last Thursday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The good thing about the Heat is their offense goes beyond just one player. The same cannot be said about the Bulls, who after losing Derrick Rose earlier this year, have what is perhaps one of the worst offenses the team has had in years.

That is not saying that the game was anywhere close to a blowout. Chicago kept the game close in the first half, exerting its defensive prowess on the court at ease. But without any sort of offense, this defensive tug-of-war on the court went nowhere. The Bulls, despite having several occasions where they could have ran off with the game with an offensive streak or two, instead lay dormant as the Heat easily knocked down any chance of a comeback.

This embarrassing defeat says what everyone that has been following the Bulls this year already knows — Chicago’s offense deserves its title as the worst offense in the league right now. Without any type of offensive playmaker on the court, the Bulls will never go anywhere.

The mystery of today’s prominent loss on the score card is heightened even more as the Bulls had one of their best offensive showings in recent years, in a game against the Denver Nuggets last Friday, winning 117-89.  Today the Bulls struggled to barely make it above 60 points. The offensive problem in Chicago needs a solution, unless the Bulls want more losses such as this one.

Chicago could have used today’s game to showcase its prominence as a team people should keep their eyes on as the NBA season draws to a close. Instead, the Bulls showed everyone in the NBA that all teams need to be strong on both sides of the court if they want to make a name for themselves.

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