Longer All-Star Break Would Benefit Entire NBA

By Shane Phillips
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As meaningless as the NBA All-Star Weekend has become, it can still serve a purpose for the players, front offices and fans. Instead of it being four days of mindless games, newly appointed commissioner Adam Silver might be wise to make it a vacation, a midseason break. After all, a grueling 82-game, full country tour is no easy task, even for the most professional of athletes. Players and coaches alike have already voiced their wish for a longer break, and amongst those activists is LeBron James.

You might say that James wants more time off to pursue other business ventures or because he is just a big whiny baby, but neither of those are anywhere near correct. Well, maybe James wouldn’t mind a bit more free time so he can shoot Space Jam 2. Honestly, who came up with that rumor? But I digress. A longer break would be fantastic for every party involved!

Right now, the All-Star Break is roughly four days long, packed full of stupid events. The break is then immediately followed by the trade deadline and shortly after that, the waiver deadline occurs. There is just so much packed in a short, three week window; there is no time for anyone to focus on one task. I would like to see the break lengthened and season shortened, but that is another topic for another time. For now, let’s think about the positives of a longer break, a break that lasts roughly a week to 10 days.

A longer break would give players a chance to relax and heal. The wear and tear of the game is tremendous on the joints and muscles, and a week or so of time off would give everyone time to recover and come back at a higher level of player. As for the front offices, they will all have more time to focus on the trade and waiver deadlines. There will be no goofy All-Star events and then the season resumes. Presidents and GMs will only have to worry about trades and finances for a few days.

The break would increase the competition level and hopefully lead to an exciting final push to the playoffs. James is right on this one and Silver should listen. If he wants to make a good first impression as commissioner, Silver will listen to what the players, coaches and owners have to say. If they say a longer break, give them a longer break, because it looks like the positives outweigh the negatives.

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