Charlotte Bobcats Take Ownership of 6th Seed in Wake of Streak

By danielcarney
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

High points and low points have become a constant reality for Charlotte Bobcats nation throughout the entirety of the 2013-14 season, but the team’s recent run has sparked a light for the young, promising squad. After sitting on the perch of the final playoff spot in the East for far too long, the Cats have swiftly climbed their way into the sixth seed.

Charlotte has instantly gained the respect from a vast majority of NBA fans after its impressive current four-game win streak. The small yet effective run has proved to many that this team is more than just the experienced losers most basketball fanatics make them off as. This run has meant more, it has portrayed this deep roster’s poise to be actual contenders in the 2014 NBA playoffs.

Playoffs? Playoffs? Are you kidding me, playoffs? (Yes, I did just pull a Jim Mora). Yes, ladies and gentleman, playoffs is slowly becoming a reality many never saw the Bobcats ever get a hold of this year.

Though four straight wins may sound small, it’s the way Charlotte has proved the underrated nature of its quiet roster that have drawn more observers to the squad’s surprising success. Four games have made Charlotte climb even closer to a first round matchup not involving the Indiana Pacers or defending champion Miami Heat.

If you think it won’t try to take more advantage of the weak Eastern Conference, your delirious. You’re witnessing the rise of a franchise that has been subject to laughter over the course of its existence. The Bobcats are doing everything possible to make the world view them as winners for literally one of the first times in Bobcats history.

Commanding wins over the New Orleans Pelicans ,Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzles may not speak a lot to many fans, but when looking at the nature of these wins you can learn more about how this team goes about their standing. You can sense the hunger and energy in the locker room and the city for this team.

Playoffs is what is on the plate for every player sitting on that Charlotte bench. The chemistry and defensive minded attack have allowed the underestimated roster climb closer and closer to a greater spot in the conference. This is a squad with a disciplined defense, assets that many sleep on, and an utter monster in the paint (Al Jefferson). Throw in their perimeter speed factor and the danger enters another level.

Keep sleeping, because Charlotte will just continue to rise farther into the East that never would have saw its underdog manner coming. Determination, heart, soul, hustle and the will to win. The Bobcats have everything going in the right direction right now, and entering their hardest stretch of the season, we will learn more than we ever knew about the roster. A sixth seed might not be for long, for a greater position could possibly be on the way.

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