Cleveland Cavaliers' Spencer Hawes A Worthy Addition?

By kennethbrown
Tom Szczerbowski- USA TODAY Sports

Some suggested that the Cleveland Cavaliers had given up quite a lot to get a starting player from the struggling team that is the Philadelphia 76ers, but so far Spencer Hawes has looked every bit as good as the fans and management hoped and expected he’d be. The dynamic center played 32 minutes against the Washington Wizards, and although the Cavaliers lost, he had 16 points, 12 rebounds and four assists. That is pretty good considering he didn’t start the game.

With rumours that certain Cavaliers players are unhappy in Cleveland, it’s refreshing for the franchise to have a player that wants to be there. Hawes seemed delighted at joining theCavaliers, and seems very content in his early days there. To be honest, most players would be delighted to get away from a franchise as poor as the 76ers are this season, but it’s a positive that the Cavaliers have somebody hungry and keen to play a part in their success.

In their inconsistent season, there have been plenty of ups and downs, and it looks inevitable that the Cavaliers will have a massive rebuilding task ahead of them this summer, but luckily they’ve already got a talented center who they can work with. With a ton of uncertainty recently surrounding the center position, and possibly more to come, it’s good for the franchise to have a new player to step into that position.

Can he push them in to this year’s playoffs, or will he be an asset for the future?

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