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Los Angeles Clippers Bolster Bench by Signing Glen Davis

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Glen Davis

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The Los Angeles Clippers added some much-needed size to its roster Monday, signing forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis for the remainder of the season. Davis was bought out by the Orlando Magic Friday, affording him the opportunity to sign with a championship contender. Davis joining the Clippers seems like a perfect fit for both.

To say Davis is familiar with head coach Doc Rivers is an understatement. Davis played his first four seasons under Rivers in Boston, winning a championship in his rookie campaign. Davis can fit into Rivers’ system right away, bypassing the warming-up period that often affects players joining a new team midseason. He brings a ton of playoff experience to a team that has very little, and he is the only Clipper with a championship ring. By joining the Clippers, he has a legitimate chance of winning another one.

The Clippers’ bench was wearing thin after the team traded Antawn Jamison and Byron Mullens before the trade deadline. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have been playing heavy minutes, with Ryan Hollins and Hedo Turkoglu being the only big men available off the bench. Davis is an upgrade over Hollins and Turkoglu and he will buy more rest for Griffin and Jordan. Davis is a solid defender and a consistent mid-range shooter, something the Clippers were hoping Jared Dudley would be. With Dudley struggling, Davis has a chance to earn significant minutes playing for a team with title aspirations.

Davis isn’t a flashy pickup, but the Clippers didn’t need to make a big splash. Davis will fit into the team smoothly, with his role clearly defined by a coach and a system he is accustomed to. His value will be more visible come playoff time because of his championship experience. Davis doesn’t fold under pressure and can even hit the big shot, as he has proven in the past.

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