Chicago Bulls Proving That They Are a Championship-Caliber Team This Season

By Tracy Martin
Joakim Noah
Jonathan Daniel – Getty Images

Right now, the Chicago Bulls‘ fanbase can be separated into two camps: Those looking towards next season and those keeping their eyes on the here and now. Fans in the latter camp should rest peacefully knowing that they have laid their eggs in the right basket as the Bulls have continued to put on an interesting show despite the hardships they have faced. True championship-caliber teams never give up, and the Bulls are showing that right now.

A majority of NBA fans prematurely called it quits on Chicago’s ability to go anywhere after star Derrick Rose‘s second consecutive season-ending injury, but those people have been proven wrong. The Bulls are not plodding about as they reach the end of the season — they’re fighting until the bitter end. For a competitive team like the Bulls, tanking was never even put into serious consideration. The Bulls are not, and should never be considered, a defeatist team.

Despite the less-than pleasant record, the Bulls are nowhere near the bottom of the NBA. The Bulls are heads-and-shoulders above the worst the league has to offer. They are currently in second-place in their division — behind the stellar Indiana Pacers — and they are in fourth place in the Eastern Conference standings. Those naysayers who predicted the Bulls would tumble this season had no idea what team they were talking about.

The Bulls have enough left in their tank to go up against anyone in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. If the records stay as they are right now, they will face fifth-seed Washington Wizards, a team that the Bulls are sure to get the better of.

Despite fate handing them a bad hand, the Bulls are going to end this season on their own terms, and they have enough going for them right now that they are able to do so.

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