Detroit Pistons Rumors: Did A Pair Of Pistons Get Maurice Cheeks Fired?

By Schuyler Machcinski
Tom Gores and Joe Dumars
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With uninspiring play and a season that’s quickly sliding into obscurity, there’s hardly anything interesting coming out of the Detroit Pistons these days.

New reports are surfacing, however, that a couple of prominent Pistons may have played a role in the dismissal of Maurice Cheeks just a few weeks ago.

According to the well-known NBA writer Peter Vecsey, the fate of Cheeks was sealed after Josh Smith and Chauncey Billups voiced their disapproval to Joe Dumars.

These types of reports should always be met with some skepticism, and this one in particular seems very far-fetched of being legitimate. It is not uncommon in NBA circles for players to seek management to voice their displeasure in regards to the direction of the team or their own personal issues.

It also seems likely that Smith may have had his own personal vendetta with Cheeks due to being benched on several occasions. While Smith and Billups could have in fact met with Dumars, it’s hard to believe that the decision to let Cheeks go was based solely off of this meeting.

After the Cheeks firing, team owner Tom Gores made it well-known that he was unhappy with the progress that the team hadmade up to this point. Therefore, the most likely scenario suggests that Gores made the ultimate call.

Regardless, this should be the last time we hear any rumors of how head coach firings took place under Dumars. His firing should be taking place at the conclusion of this season.

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