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Marcus Smart is an Intelligent Pick for Milwaukee Bucks

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The Milwaukee Bucks are in full tank mode and may end with the worst record in the league. This year’s top draft choices expect to be future stars and top prizes for teams that are tanking. One player the Bucks have their eyes on is Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart.

Most of the top draft picks are frontcourt players, but Smart is a backcourt combo guard, a position of need for Milwaukee. The Bucks are already grooming Larry Sanders, John Henson and Giannis Antetokounmpo as their future frontcourt, so having a lottery pick slide into the two-slot, the shooting guard position, makes a lot of sense.

Only a sophomore, Smart is athletic and loves to defend and attack. At 220-pounds, he has good balance and welcomes contact on the way to the basket. Smart’s ability to finish and score in the lane are NBA ready skills that take years for other prospects to learn. Despite spending a lot of time running the point this year, I see Smart more as a shooting guard who could be an interesting fit next to another combo guard. Current point guard Brandon Knight has also been tagged with combo guard status, and having the two on the court together would be an interesting experiment.

Bottom line: Smart’s current status does not project him as a top three pick; however, should the Bucks move down or acquire another pick they could do a lot worse than select Smart to complement Knight and their already work in progress frontcourt.

David is a NBA writer for Rant Sports. Follow David S. Grant on Twitter @david_s_grant

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