New Orleans Pelicans Have Terrifying Mardi Gras Baby Mascot

By Andrew Fisher
New Orleans Pelicans
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The New Orleans Pelicans drew some criticism this year which their mascot design for Pierre the Pelican. It was great to see the franchise rebrand itself with the state’s official bird, but Pierre unfortunately terrified little kids and some adults too. He was just flat out creepy looking, so the Pelicans had no choice but to have him ‘undergo surgery’ and come out of it with a new look. The new Pierre is slightly less terrifying.

That brings us to King Cake Baby. Who the heck is King Cake baby, you ask? He’s a special Madri Gras mascot the New Orleans franchise has used in the past. Well, he’s back:

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I don’t know what that thing is, but it certainly has no place on a basketball court in front of thousands of people. That’s something you should find at a house of horror during Halloween. People can get down with a giant baby mascot. That’s fine. But when you put a morphed, psycho-looking Rugrat head on it — we’ve got problems. Clearly, the Pelicans are still fine tuning their mascot game…

As for the Pelicans basketball team, they’re currently in last place in the Southwest division at 23-33. The franchise hasn’t really taken off this year, but the nucleus of the roster is still very young and the future remains bright. With the team in line for another high draft pick this June, it could only be a matter of time before the Pelicans are a force to be reckoned with.

In the meantime, we’ll just continue to comment on their terrifying mascots.


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