New York Knicks' Disastrous Season Continues with Raymond Felton's Arrest

By Shane Phillips
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As if the New York Knicks‘ season couldn’t get any worse, Monday night Dirk Nowitzki nailed a buzzer-beater to push New York’s losing streak to three and propel the Dallas Mavericks to victory. The NBA playoffs only continued to slip away, and that’s not even mentioning Carmelo Anthony‘s upcoming free agency circus. So, at this point, the Knicks organization really couldn’t use any more bad news.

Well, I’m sure the big wigs and coach Mike Woodson were thrilled when they learned about Raymond Felton‘s late-night arrest. According to multiple reports, including a New York Police Department Spokesman, Felton turned himself in after midnight on three counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Apparently the problem isn’t with Felton flaunting his hardware but instead his possession of unregistered firearms. Honestly, you are a professional athlete and you risk your career and multimillion dollar contract over a stupid unregistered gun? Give me a break! Felton will appear in criminal court Tuesday afternoon. It is uncertain whether any punishment from the league or Knicks will be handed down at this point. The point guard does has two more years left on his contract worth about $8 million, but the proceedings are only beginning and both the team and league will wait for further action.

As for me, I would gut the entire Knicks organization right now. I would gut it from the front office to the players and everyone in between because this season has gone from bad into a complete circus. How does this dysfunctional team expect to re-sign one of the most coveted free agents on the market? Strip it down right to the bones and restart with only Anthony. Get rid of the rest of the egotistical, incompetent idiots who wear the nice suits and watch the games from leather chairs. It is about high time this New York franchise gets an extreme makeover, and Felton shouldn’t be a part of it.

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