Rajon Rondo's Decision to Skip Boston Celtics-Sacramento Kings Game Despicable

By Brian Neal
Rajon Rondo Skips Game for Birthday
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Are you kidding me? No, I mean, seriously. Rajon Rondo, what are you thinking?

Earlier today, it was reported by the Boston Herald that Rondo personally decided to skip Saturday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings to stay in Los Angeles. This coming after a game the Boston Celtics dropped to the Los Angeles Lakers 101-92, the third loss in what is now a five-game losing streak, in which the point guard played pretty poorly going 2-for-12 from the field.

The official reason provided by the team for why he didn’t play was “rest,” which would have been fine if it was true. If Rondo stayed in L.A. purely to continue rest and rehab for his previously torn ACL on the second of a back-to-back set, that’d be 100 percent OK. The huge problem with all of this, and do not mistake how utterly dumb this is, is that he actually stayed in L.A. to go to his 28th birthday party.

In a year where an extremely prideful Celtics fanbase has had to suffer through a gut-wrenching 19-39 record, how could you possibly do something so completely selfish which in turn only makes your season, team and person all the more of a joke?

Some people, including the Celtics’ organization themselves, are trying to brush this off as if it doesn’t matter and that it was a “mutual” type of decision. The one thing they’re forgetting is how horrendous it looks when you’re star player — who’s still trying to find chemistry and rhythm with this team — takes a night off to party. And to top that off, it’s been reported that he didn’t even receive permission from the team to do this at the time, which makes it look as if they’re now certainly trying to cover up how it all went down and make it not look as bad in the public’s view.

Now sure, he might not have played anyway because it was, as already stated, the second of a back-to-back. However, you need to be there for your team. You’re a professional athlete in the NBA, and considered a superstar at that. It’s not like he skipped one practice to celebrate — he blew off a game for himself. He’s not hurt anymore; he needs to be present on the sideline and in the locker room on days where he can’t — or is advised not to — play, especially considering his standing and level of importance to the Celtics.

It may end up not affecting the team at all the rest of the year (as it’s pretty hard to play any worse than they have been), and he may not be punished for it in the slightest (which would be kind of a travesty allowing that sort of behavior). But despite what the organization or league decides — or doesn’t decide — to do about it, it’s still a despicable and shameful move on Rondo’s part.

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