Raymond Felton's Arrest Further Complicates New York Knicks' Point Guard Problems

By Tom Passmore
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The report of Raymond Felton‘s arrest leaves the New York Knicks‘ point guard situation in a limbo. After waiving Beno Udrih, the Knicks only have two actual point guards on their roster in Toure Murry and Pablo Prigioni. Coach Mike Woodson likes playing two point guard sets with Carmelo Anthony playing the power forward position. This report on Felton may force Woodson to go with a big lineup that includes Carmelo at the small forward position and either JR Smith or Tim Hardaway Jr. starting with either Jeremy Tyler or Amare Stoudemire starting at the power forward.

The Knicks could go in the direction of players that are being bought out by their respective teams like Jimmer Fredette, who torched the Knicks for 24 points in only 27 minutes. Fredette is a hybrid “tweener” so this might not be the best decision, but at this point anything is better than Felton.

The Knicks need to give Toure Murry a shot at point guard. He has shown in limited minutes that he can be a floor general and even has a decent jump shot. Most importantly, Murry has shown the ability to defend opposing point guards. Prigioni is as good as they come, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see him withstanding the amount of minutes that would have to be played in Felton’s absence — and in all honesty it wouldn’t be fair to ask him to do that.

The Knicks are a complete mess right now, but a true point guard that could contribute and play defense might lift them into an No. 8 seed in a terrible Eastern Conference.

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