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5 Most Embarrassing New York Knicks Moments This Season

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New York Knicks: 5 Most Embarrassing Moments This Season

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It was only a season ago when the New York Knicks claimed the Atlantic Division title with a 54-28 record. Not only had the Knicks reached the NBA Playoffs for the third consecutive year, but New York had also advanced past the first round for the first time in over a decade.

Although the Knicks’ dreams of reaching the Finals were cut short in the postseason, there was reason to believe New York could continue this impressive act into the following season. Carmelo Anthony led the league in scoring, and JR Smith had won the Sixth Man of the Year award after having the best statistical season of his career. Even Tyson Chandler was voted into the NBA All-Defensive First Team. Fans could finally expect high-quality basketball returning to Madison Square Garden.

Ironically, that seems like it had taken place years ago compared to the current situation with the team. The New York Knicks may possibly be the most underachieving team in the league this year. The defending champions of the Atlantic now rank three spots behind the final playoff spot. The potential for improvement from last season appears to be lacking in so many categories.

The entire Eastern Conference has had its fair share of disappointment, but the Knicks fall behind the expectations of being a top contender in the playoffs this year. Not only has New York underperformed, but the antics on and off the court add more insult to injury. Here are five of the most embarrassing moments from the Knicks this season.

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5. Tyson Chandler Questions Mike Woodson's Coaching

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After and embarrassing 103-80 loss to the Brooklyn Nets, Tyson Chandler questioned Coach Mike Woodson’s defensive strategy. Chandler said that the Knicks do not have the talent to have players switch on every screen.

When an award winner for the Defensive Player of the Year criticizes his team’s defense, there must be something wrong with that squad. For a club that is proud of its defensive past under great coaches like Red Holzman, Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy, this Knicks team under Woodson ranks 26th in Defensive Rating.

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4. Knicks Suffer Third Worst Home Loss In Team History

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On Dec. 8, the Knicks recorded the third worst home loss in the team history after the Boston Celtics won 114-78. It featured a Celtics squad that is not expected to even contend for a playoff spot and a front office that is in the process of rebuilding the team.

Not only have the Knicks suffered the worst loss the league, but it was the last time they wore orange uniforms. Those uniforms have yet to be a part of a Knicks victory.

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3. Andrea Bargnani Injury Sustained by Insane Dunk Attempt

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He may be considered a disappointing player to the New York media, but Andrea Bargnani has had a fairly decent season. Sure, he may have been overrated when he was selected first in the 2006 NBA Draft, but he has been fairly consistent with his role.

He has also been consistent with his elbow injuries too. During a game at home with the Philadelphia 76ers, Bargnani decided to lift off 11 feet away from the basket for a dunk only to lose his balance midair due to the 76ers' crowding defense. Bargnani fell awkwardly and tore a ligament in his left elbow.

To make matters worse, Bargnani had injured his right elbow a season earlier with the Toronto Raptors while attempting to complete the same exact move.

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2. JR Smith Fined for Untying Opponents' Shoelaces

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JR Smith is a very nice guy, but sometimes the basketball authority annoys him. There have been several instances this season where Smith would untie the laces of his opponents while standing at the free-throw lane. The victims of untied shoelaces include Dwight Howard and Shawn Marion.

When the league was alerted of this slightly humorous trick in January, the NBA warned Smith to stop. Sometime after the warning when the Knicks faced the Detroit Pistons, he acted as if he was going to untie Andre Drummond’s laces but resisted. That action was enough for him to be slapped with a $50,000 fine.

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1. Raymond Felton Charged With Felony Gun Possession

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This year is not a year Raymond Felton would like to look back upon. He is averaging a career low in scoring and had been criticized of his lack of control in the point guard position this season. At one point, the Knicks were desperate to trade Felton, but no team was interested in having him.

His recent run in with the law reflects to the nightmare of the entire Knicks season so far. He was charged with one count of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree and one count of criminal possession of a firearm.

The story behind the gun charge isn’t entirely clear right now. Despite the outcome of the case, he will be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The morale of this team cannot get any better unless New York manages to pull off a winning streak of five or more games. The Knicks right now are comparable to a sinking ship with multiple holes to fill. Recovery is possible, but it's highly unlikely.