Chicago Bulls: D.J. Augustin's Offense Has Seen Better Days

By Tracy Martin
D.J. Augustin
Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls have everything but a strong offense, which makes losing the talents of one of their few offensive stars hurt that much more. D.J. Augustin, arguably Chicago’s 2013-14 season breakout star, has recently gotten into a bit of a funk in his offensive play style in the past week. The once sharpshooting point-guard has gone for a combined 2-for-24 shots made in recent games.

In Sunday’s game against the Miami Heat, Augustin at times appeared lost on the floor, going 0-for-10 on shots made and ending with a paltry two points off a trip to the free-throw line. For such a major game, his poor showing made the loss sting that much more. Last night’s win against the Atlanta Hawks was not much better, save for an outstanding half-court three-point shot at the end of the third quarter. He ended the game going 2-for-14 with 10 points.

The Bulls have had struggles with their offense since losing their star Derrick Rose to injury earlier this season. When he was signed in December, Augustin brought a fresh breath to the Bulls’ offense. In many ways, Augustin is one of the main forces on Chicago’s offensive end right now. His abilities off the bench, combined with his decent stints as a starter filling in at times when Kirk Hinrich was injured, have made Augustin a respected centerpiece of the Bulls this year.

Hopefully this just proves to be a temporary problem. Every athlete in the league goes through rough patches like these, so it should not alarm fans too much to see this happen to one of Chicago’s best players.

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